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Dr Fauley talks about Kitten Cat Rabies Shots

Hi, I am Dr. Fauley at Care Animal Clinic and I’m going to talk about cat wellness exams and their yearly vaccinations that are recommended. This is my cat Sunshine and she lives here at the clinic and greets everybody although I’m not sure she’s happy being on camera right now. She’s 13 years old and has been doing very well all these years. She’s doing some purring so she must be getting a little bit more content. What we do for her yearly is take a look at her. She came in as a kitten brought in by a client who was looking for a home for her and has lived in the clinic since. She had her 1st vaccination as a kitten. Vaccinations start when kittens are about 6 weeks old or 2 months old and they get them every 3 to 4 weeks until they are 16 weeks old; so, they start at 2 months and end at 4 months. At the last visit when they are 4 months old, we give them the rabies vaccination required by law and that’s when you get the tag and the certificate. After that they come in just once a year for their regular vaccinations. This is the rabies vaccine and this is the distemper vaccine. They are mixed together and the procedure happens very quickly. For kittens we use a very tiny needle and it’s over before they know it. After they finish the initial series of vaccinations, it is just once a year after that as adult cats.

Dr Fauley talks about a Cat Wellness Exam

For cats that go outside (and even indoor cats) we recommend the fecal test also. There’s an optional vaccine for fecal leukemia which is a virus passed from cat to cat. Cats that spend a lot of time outside are particularly vulnerable http://test-cac60565.vetinzip.com/because of being around other outdoor cats; so, if your cat is going to spend a lot of time outdoors, it is important that it gets vaccinated for fecal leukemia, since once they get it, it can’t be cured. In addition to the yearly vaccinations, we like to do what we call a wellness exam which is similar to wellness exams for people, although there are certain differences. Animals tend to have their set of ear and teeth problems. We start from the top working our way to the body of the cat. We start with the eyes using an opthalmoscope making sure there are no infections, ulcerations or injuries. After that, we examine the ears using an otoscope checking for ear mites or infections. Adult cats rarely get ear mites but kittens usually do. Once ear mites are ruled out, we check the teeth for gum health and excessive tartar buildup, which if found, we would recommend dental cleanup. We check the lymph nodes temperature using this ear thermometer which is similar to people’s ear thermometer except it is longer since cats’ and dogs’ ear canals are longer than peoples’. We check the heart for arrhythmia or murmurs using a stethoscope. We will talk about weights, diets, etc. So, we check the cat from one end all the way to the other. We check the coat making sure there are no fleas or skin infections. We check for limps since cats could develop arthritis and are not able to move around. There are medications for that. So these are some of the things we do. We just want to make sure your cat is healthy and that we are available to discuss any problems or issues relating to your cat.

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Rabies shots are required by law. If your cat even breaks a person’s skin, you can have much bigger legal problems if your cat does not have pet vaccinations.

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