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Heartworm Pet Meds

Hi, I am Dr. Fauley and this is Care Animal Clinic and I’d like to go over a few things about heartworm testing which is normally done in springtime when mosquitoes start coming out and that’s how dogs get heartworm disease. This is my dog Harley. He is a 6-year old golden retriever. He gets tested every year for heartworm disease by a blood test. They are rarely disturbed by the procedure. A tourniquet is applied on one leg and using an insulin-size needle, a few drops of blood is drawn for testing. We check for the antibodies against the worms that reside inside the dog’s heart. It is a big deal when they get it; it is easy to prevent it with once-a-month chewable treats during the mosquito season. We have a test kit right here in the clinic and it takes about 15 minutes to get the test results. By the time the patient checks out, we would already have the results. If the result is negative the dog may be put on heartworm pills during the mosquito season.  (Your pet must be tested before any prescribed medication can be given.  Please register online)

Heartworm Pet Meds Recommendations

Heartworm pills do not bother the dogs. Harley never had heartworms and has been on heartworm pills every year and he hadn’t any problem from taking them. There are a couple of medications that are used to treat heartworms and other intestinal parasites that dogs may contract by just being outdoors, even during winter when they eat things off the ground, especially frozen items. They do not get heartworms during winter; but, they may get intestinal worms. One of the heartworm medications we use here is Iverhart, which is a generic equivalent of Heartgard, a name-brand. Tri-heart is another generic medication. They all do the same thing – to protect the dog from heartworms and most intestinal parasites. These are some of the things that these medications treat. This diagram shows the different parasites. These are heartworms that plug up the heart. The medications also protect the dogs from round worms that colonize the intestinal tract causing diarrhea, debilitation and general unhealthiness. Hookworms also line and invade the intestinal lining causing bloody diarrhea. Wet worms pretty much do the same thing. So, we typically use Heartgard Plus which contains Ivermectin that protects the dog from heartworms and Pyrantel to protect against the other intestinal parasites. So, use either Iverhart Plus or Heartgard Plus to protect your dog from both heartworms and intestinal parasites.

Heartworm Pet Meds are cheaper and easier then treatment

We also have medications that protect the dogs from fleas; but, we’re focusing on Heartgard right now. It is made by Meriel. Heartgard purchased from a veterinarian ordinarily comes with a guarantee from Meriel. The guarantee comes in the form of a gold seal on the product. Heartgard purchased from online vendors may or may not come with valid guarantee, so this is something to consider. Normally, there are no problems from using Heartgard; but, if complications arise from it, Meriel will cover the costs as long as the product is purchased from a licensed reseller. Every year we probably see a couple of heartworm cases. Treating heartworm disease is a totally different treatment. The easiest thing is to prevent it. So, get a blood test for your dogs at the beginning of spring and provided the result is negative, put them on heartworm pills to protect them from heartworm and other intestinal diseases.

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A Heartworm Pet Meds Warranty is NOT valid if purchased online. The drug company only pays for heartworm treatment if the heartworm pills were purchased from us.

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