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Dog Spay Neuter Cat Spay Neuter Medical Terms.

Hi, I am Dr. Fauley from the Care Animal Clinic, Naperville IL, 60565.  In addition to my specialist of  prolotherapy to treat  arthritis in dogs,  we offer state-of-the-art surgery.

We are in the surgery room. I am going to talk about spaying and neutering our  cats and dogs. We routinely perform spaying and neutering of companion animals  and it is one of the important things that you can do as responsible animal  owners. These two procedures are the most common surgical procedures done here and probably in veterinary medicine in general. We do them for the community clients in the area and for some of the humane society and animal welfare leagues as a responsible way of controlling the unwanted animal  population in the neighborhood and regional areas. Spaying is for female dogs and cats. Technically,  it is called ovarial hysterectomy where the ovaries as well as the uterus are removed. In male dogs and cats, it is called neutering in which the testicles are removed.

Dog Spay Neuter Cat Spay Neuter Is A One Day Surgery.

It is an In-and-Out-the-same-day here. You hold off food the night before and drop off the patient in the morning.  We start the procedure by doing a pre-anesthetic bloodwork to make sure there is no problem in sedating the patient. After the patient is sedated in the prep area we bring it into the surgery room.  This is a trough used for bigger dogs and cats.

We lay your pet  on it and cover it with a towel  and a heating pad to make sure it stays warm.

Dog Spay Neuter Cat Spay Neuter Uses Latest Technology.

Your  pet is monitored in a couple of different ways. An assistant is always present watching and adjusting the anesthesia machine. We also have this monitor that checks a number of different parameters. These are EKG leads. These are hooked up to the limbs so we can get a constant monitoring of the heart rate, beats and rhythm and know the condition of the heart while we perform the surgery. In case anything untoward happens, we are alerted immediately and are able to stay on top of the problem. This other wire is a temperature probe lead that we can attach to the body  and thus are able to tell how warm the animal is.  There is also an oxygen saturation monitor lead that attaches to this machine.  It tells us how much oxygen is flowing through the animal’s veins and artery walls while under sedation. We want to be sure the patient  is breathing enough and that this machine is delivering enough oxygen while we perform the surgery.  So, the pet is monitored. We have it on anesthesia. We use only the  most advanced anesthesia and safest anesthesia. Once it is turned off, the animal simply wakes up right away. We feel we are able to control the depth of the anesthesia.

Dog Spay Neuter Cat Spay Neuter Is Just The Start.

We have ample supply of surgical instruments for surgeries other than routine spays and neuters such as abdominal surgery, pin broken legs, remove growths and tumors, repair injuries from fights or other trauma like tails getting caught in the door. These are the most common surgical procedures we do. The pet comes in, we perform the surgery and the pet goes home the same day. We always call the next day to follow up on the condition of the patient. Should any questions or concerns arise, we provide work and home telephone numbers you can call. After two (2) weeks, the pet is brought in and we remove the sutures.  Generally, spays and neuters are performed on pets at six (6) months of age; but it can be done at any age. The sooner, the better. It is always the safest. In the meantime, if something else needs immediate attention, we will do what is necessary to take care of your pet.

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Pet Spay Neuter is part of responsible pet ownership. Neutering may have many benefits including lower pet health care costs and reduced pet cancer risks?

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